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Cricket Green | Big City Greens Wiki | Fandom

Cricket is the only member of the Greens to have an unusual first name. According to a Tumblr Q&A, Chris Houghton confirmed "Cricket" is indeed his real name. Cricket was originally going to be named "Bucket."

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Weezie (voiced by Lamar Woods) is part of a group of children that frequently play with Cricket, Tilly and Remy. His real name is revealed to be Westley Eastman in "Chipocalypse Now". Brett (voiced by Colton Dunn) is the Greens' easygoing next door neighbor who works at an animal shelter. His last name is revealed to be Eze in "Chipocalypse Now".

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Cricket Ernest Green is the protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. Fun-loving as well as mischievous, Cricket's curiosity leads his family on all sorts of adventures in the Big City. Cricket puts his family first and foremost and loves being a Green. His shenanigans...

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Remy Remington (and by extension his bodyguard Vasquez) and Gloria Sato can be considered honorary Greens, Remy due to being Cricket and Tilly's best friend and Gloria as the Greens have helped her in times of need and they consider each other to be close friends; in addition, Gloria has said that the Greens are like "a second set of parents" to her.

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Main Characters. Cricket Green • Tilly Green • Bill Green • Alice Green • Nancy Green • Remy Remington • Gloria Sato. Secondary/Supporting Characters. Officer Keys • Brett Eze • Russell Remington • Rashida Remington • Andromeda • Benny • Weezie Eastman • Kiki Kitashima • Vasquez • Gabriella Espinosa • Gregly.

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Tilly Green is the deuteragonist of Big City Greens. As Cricket's older sister, she is the first born and only daughter of Bill and Nancy Green who moved to the Big City alongside her family to live with her Gramma.

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Bob Joles - Bill Green. SpongeBob SquarePants actor Bob Joles plays Bill Green in Big City Greens, the family patriarch. Bill is a hardworking farmer who is divorced from Nancy (Wendi McLendon-Covey, The Goldbergs ), the mother of his kids. He's a kind, patient father too, which is needed in Cricket's case.

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The voice cast is Chris Houghton as Cricket Green, Artemis Pebdani as sweet Gramma Alice, Marieve Herington as quirky older sister Tilly Green and Bob Joles as hard-working father Bill Green.