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One key information when customizing and choosing a tennis racquet is the balance of the racquet. This post deals with tennis racquet balance points. This is what Tennis Warehouse writes on the subject of tennis racquet balance points: Static measure of weight distribution in a racquet and measured from the butt end in inches and/or centimeters. Commonly referenced in “points” head-light or head heavy – each “point” represents 1/8 inch.

Tennis Racket Balance Explained (All You Need To Know)

Using millimetres or centimetres. The alternative way to calculate the balance of a tennis racket is to measure from the butt of the racket to the balance point in millimetres or centimetres. A typical racket is 685.8mm long so the midpoint is 343mm from either end.

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Balance boards are a popular tool for taking measurements. Here are the steps required to measure a racquet’s balance point using a balance board scale. Step 1. First, a tennis racquet is placed on the center of the balance board so that it rests on the balance bar with the handle pointed toward the scale or ruler. Step 2

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Each ‘point' of balance is 1/8″ either toward the head or toward the handle from the racquet's measured halfway point. A standard 27″ racquet's mid point is at 13.5″, so if that frame is 8 points HL, the balance point will be 12.5″ from the end of the grip.

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Balance. The balance point of a racquet is that point along the length of the racquet where a racquet will teeter and totter on a thin support (like a 1/2" dowel or the edge of a ruler) without one end or the other being pulled to the ground. If the racquet balances halfway up the racquet from the butt, it is said to have even balance.

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Find the balance point on your racquets with this balance board from Dunlop. Perfect for customizing your racquet and making sure they all have the same specs. Simply place the racquet over the beam and twist the knob on the side until your racquet is balanced perfectly over the board. Super easy to use!

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Your half way point on a tennis racquet, assuming a 27" racquet is 13.5 times 2.54 which give you 34.29 centimeters. So the balance point is 32.0675 whereas the mid point of the racquet is 34.29 which (again) means you have a head light racquet. To be precise, a 2.2225 centimeter or 7 pts head light racquet. (2.2225/2.54=.875)

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