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Real tennis played a minor role in the history of the French Revolution, through the Tennis Court Oath, a pledge signed by French deputies on a real tennis court, which formed a decisive early step in starting the revolution. An epitaph in St Michael's Church, Coventry, written circa 1705 read, in part:

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7 Facts About the History of Tennis. #1. Tennis Dates Back to 12th Century France. Tennis dates back to 12th century France when it was played in the form of a handball game called ‘paume’ or palm. The game involved hitting a ball back and forth by hand. In time, a black leather glove was used and then from there a handle was added to the ...

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A brief history of tennis. 03 May 2017. Tennis IOC News. An adaptation of a very ancient sport, the jeu de paume, codified in England in the 1870s, tennis has become a major sport followed by millions of fans throughout the year. Present at the Games from 1896 to 1924, it made its official return to the programme in 1988, and the great Olympic ...

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73 Interesting facts about Tennis. 1. Tennis is believed to have originated in the monastic cloisters in northern France in the 12th century. Interestingly, the ball was then struck with palm of the hand. At that time it was named “jeu de paume” ( game of the palm ). Rackets came into use during the 16 th century.

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History of the Tennis Shoe. Like the tennis ball and lawn tennis, the history of the tennis shoe began in the 1800s with the invention of vulcanized rubber. The invention allowed for the creation of the first rubber-soled shoes, called plimsolls. In 1931, Adidas made history with the release of the first tennis shoe.

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The History of Tennis. by Nancy Koran. Few scholars of the cultural world would deny that France occupies a position of international prowess, when measured by its contributions to the world of fashion, food, wine and overall elegance.

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An important milestone in the history of tennis was the decision of the All England Croquet Club to set aside one of its lawns at Wimbledon for tennis, which soon proved so popular that the club changed its name to the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. In 1877 the club decided to hold a tennis championship, and a championship ...

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Pictures From Tennis History: The Origins of Tennis - History of Tennis. Amazingly, the historical development of tennis dates back several thousands of years. So, people who are involve in historical researches of this great sport claim to have found evidence of playing tennis in ancient Greece culture.